The Maine Marine Patrol is investigating an apparent shark attack that happened yesterday off the Maine coast.

According to News Center Maine, the coast guard was dispatched to an area near Bailey Island on reports that a female swimmer had been victim of a shark attack. While en route to the call, however, they were called off as nearby kayakers were able to reach the woman and get her to land where EMS units took over and pronounced the woman dead at the scene. Her identity is currently being withheld by officials.

The attack happened off the coast of Harpswell near White Sails Lane as the woman was swimming near Bailey Island. Until further notice, officials are urging boater, swimmers and kaykers to use caution near the area of Bailey Island. They also say that you should not swim near seals or large schools of fish because they are things predator sharks tend to feed on.

There is no word yet on the potential species of the shark, though some are speculating it could have been a Great White attack. And, according to my own research, it appears this is the only recorded shark death in Maine history.

Back in 2010 there was a recorded shark attack in Maine. Diver Scott MacNichol from Perry was swimming with his camera when he stumbled upon a portbeagle shark that was about 8 feet long. These sharks normally just feed on small fish but attacked Scott that day. Scott survived and managed to get the encounter on film.

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