Strawberries everywhere!

It's a wonderful thing and Maine is experiencing a bumper crop this year, as a matter of fact according to a report by, many farms are reporting crops that haven't been this large in decades.

Just to illustrate how large this years crop is, Maine ranked fourth in the nation behind Vermont, Delaware, and Wisconsin.

Not only are the quantity of strawberries way up....the size of the strawberries are extra large this year. To add to that, the strawberry season this year came early due to the mild spring. Not having to deal with much frost the strawberry plants thrived.

Many farms have already wrapped up the harvest for this year but there are still several that continue to offer "pick your own"

If you are still looking for some spots to get some of this years fresh crop, check out:

If you know of some great spots to still get fresh native strawberries let us know.  Just send us a message through our app or on Facebook.

Oh and get ready Blueberries are only a few weeks away too!




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