It has been nearly 12 months since the Maine PUC started its probe into CMP's SmartCare billing system and authorities are set to decide which of the two opposing sets of facts most represents reality.

on one side of the coin are thousands of customers who claim that their electric bills have been severely inaccurate and that they have received inadequate customer service following the launch of the new billing system. On the other side is CMP standing by their assessment that the new billing system and its software are functioning fine and that all the contested bills actually do report actual electricity use.

A separate case involving CMP's recent rate increase is expected to be included in this report as well.

Back in November, a report was filed by the Maine Office of Public Advocate which suggested that regulators impose a $6.5 million fine again CMP, have a third party test the new SmartCare billing system and create an independent review system for customers with high usage complaints.


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