Going to a Maine Mariners game is a lot of fun. The sights, the sounds, the crowd making all kinds of noise as they root for the home team.

But for some, going to a live event like that is too much. Some people with Autism don't like the bright lights and have a hard time with sudden loud noises like a goal horn when the Mariners score.

So, as part of "Autism Awareness Night” at the Cross Insurance Arena, the Maine Mariners will host a sensory reduced game Wednesday, March 6th at 7pm as they take on the Norfolk Admirals. The game presentation will focus on a subdued atmosphere in order to cater to fans with sensitivity to light and sound. Mariners V.P. of Business Operations, Adam Goldberg said  “We want to give as many fans as possible an opportunity to come to a Mariners game, the high-energy atmosphere restricts some from considering a hockey game as an entertainment option, and hopefully the game on March 6 will give them a chance to see the Mariners play live.”

Two “quiet spaces” will be available for fans who need it. The C.N. Brown Landing will have an open space with small balls for play, coloring books, fidget spinners, ear plugs, and hand wipes. Also, the end line suite beneath section K will have coloring books, fidget spinners, and hand wipes in stock. During game presentation, the volume of music and public address announcements will be lowered, and the goal horn will not be utilized.  A block of seats will be on hold in section CC so families needing extra space can purchase an “every other seat” sequence, with an open seat in between. They are going to create a less hectic atmosphere than the average hockey game, so that those who would be normally overwhelmed by the environment can enjoy the evening.

For more info and to purchase tickets, click this link.

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