Just some advice from me...the IRS does not call and demand money.  Your utilities don't want you to pay in prepaid cards you get at the store.  IF you ever get an e-mail or a call from some service or company you do business with and they want information ...here is the best advice I can give you...don't do it.

I am not saying to avoid issue all together! I am saying if you get an email asking for information DON'T CLICK THE LINK IN THE EMAIL!  Go directly to businesses website.  Example:  'Netflix' send you an email that there is an issue, don't click the link in the email. Go directly to your Netflix account and log in to see if there is an issue. Hey maybe the card it gets billed needs to be updated for expiration date or something!

IF you get a call from someone you pay on a regular basis...for example CMP...you get a call from 'CMP' demanding money or they will shut you off that afternoon...be skeptical. DON"T GIVE THAT INFORMATION TO THE CALLER.  I am going to say that is SCAM!  Just hang up and just call CMP yourself or log into your account.

I am not saying there are never billing issues you have to address with any of your accounts, but take a deep breath and directly to the source if you have any questions.

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