I can't imagine what goes through people's minds at times.  Who, in any frame of mind, throw an innocent kitten at a school bus?  That's what happened to poor 'Hiccup', a black and white kitten, from Winterport.  

According to a Go Fund Me page, set up for 'Hiccup'...

Hiccup is a strong little dude with a horrific story behind him. He was thrown out of a moving vehicle at a school bus. The bus driver was kind enough to pick him up off the street and find him help through Rachel and Shannan Grooming Salon and Ridge Runner Veterinary Services in Winterport.

He suffers from a break in his femur, but that hasn't stopped him from getting around and purring up a storm! He needs extensive surgery to repair the break.

October 3rd, according to WGME, kids riding on the RSU 22 school bus witnessed someone throw the kitten at the bus and notified the bus driver of the incident.  The driver stopped and picked up the kitten.  No reports were ever filed with the police.

If you would like to help with Hiccup's medical costs, donate by clicking here

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