Do you have snow tires or all weather tires? If this bill passes, it won't be a choice.


According to WGME CBS13, there is a new bill making it's way through the process that would require all vehicles to have snow tires or all-weather tires from October 2 to the last day of April.

It's called "An Act to Require Snow Tires or All-weather Tires on Automobiles from October through April". Seriously? Can't they get clever at all in the name? Anyway, it's sponsored by Democrati Representative David McCrea from District 148.

The bill would also make the chief of the Maine State Police within the Department of Public Safety to let us know what the heck is a 'snow tire' and an 'all-weather tire'. Because I have no idea what the difference is.

This could be hard. I remember being young and never ever putting snow tires on my car. I was young and broke. I haven't seen the reasoning behind the bill, but I can only assume that it's to reduce accidents?

It's far from being law. Right now the bill is heading to the the Transportation Committee.


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