In an update to a story we brought you earlier in the week, Maine emergency crews are now able to say what led to a vehicle crashing through the side of a church in Westbrook on Sunday.

Westbrook Fire Department
Westbrook Fire Department

According to NECN 10 in Boston, Deputy Fire Chief of the Westbrook, Maine Fire Department, Gary Wagner, says it was a child that had probably been 'showing off'. Wagner told reporters that a boy who was 'roughly 10-year-old' had been behind the wheel of the car and showing off to some friends when the crash occurred.

Westbrook Fire Department
Westbrook Fire Department

Wagner said in part,

"The young man behind the wheel was not familiar with how to operate a vehicle as you would expect a minor of his age to be able to do and probably wasn't quite able to control the car the way you would hope somebody behind the wheel would."

"The situation could’ve been far worse. Behind one of the walls was a gas main which was also struck by the vehicle, and electrical wires were also forced forward and unsheathed."

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Wagner added that the child was not hurt and that the room in the church that the car crashed into was not occupied at the time.

According to the Fire Marshall's Office and WGME 13 news, a vehicle crashed through a Maine church at about 5 pm on Sunday afternoon.

WGME is reporting that a vehicle crashed through the side of the Lighthouse Christian Center which is located in Westbrook, Maine on Spring Street.

WGME is reporting that when fire officials arrived on scene, they worked hastily to secure the gas and electrical supplies to the building to ensure there wouldn't be any danger of fire or explosion following the crash.

At last check, emergency crews, as well as area utility staff, were working to get the car out of the building. Westbrook Police Department is continuing to investigate the crash.

At this time there is no report of any injuries involved in the crash. It's also unclear what led to the vehicle crashing through the church or who the driver was.

This is a developing story and we will continue to keep it updated as more information becomes available.

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