It's safe to say Madonna isn't sporting a Make America Great Again cap for today's inauguration proceedings — the pop icon ripped into Donald Trump during a talk at the Brooklyn Museum last night (January 19). Still, she encouraged the disheartened to remember that if we've, indeed, hit rock bottom with Trump's election, better days are ahead of us.

Madonna vowed during her chat with artist Marilyn Minter to protest Trump's election as vehemently as she can, and said, at the very least, Trump has put the United States' social issues into clear perspective.

"He's actually doing us a great service, because we have gone as low as we can go," she said. "We can only go up from here, so what are we going to do? We have two choices, destruction and creation. I chose creation."

"I do believe that Trump was elected for a reason, to show us how lazy and un-unified and lackadaisical and taking for granted we've become of our freedom and the rights that we have as Americans," she added. "I feel like people forgot what was written in the Constitution."

Finally, Madonna offered fans some much-needed motivation.

"They always say it's darkest before the dawn and I feel this had to happen to bring people together, so let's get this party started," she said.

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