Despite a resume that includes reality TV host and owner of a televised beauty pageant, Hollywood remains one of President Donald Trump’s most frequent targets of scorn. He renewed his attacks on the movie and TV industry today while fielding questions from reporters, declaring Hollywood to be “really terrible” and “racist.”

Here is exactly what he said, when asked a largely unrelated question about certain conservative social media accounts being banned on Twitter:

Hollywood is really terrible. You talk about racist? Hollywood is racist. What they’re doing, with the kind of movies they’re putting out, is actually very dangerous for our country. What Hollywood is doing is a tremendous disservice to our country.

Trump did not specify what movies, artists, or studios he found particularly racist. It’s possible he was responding to reports involving the upcoming movie The HuntThe film, a modern riff on “The Most Dangerous Game,” garnered a few headlines recently after its distributor pulled ads for it in response to the recent mass shootings. That in turn sparked outrage from some conservatives on social media, who denounced The Hunt’s reported plot, which supposedly involves wealthy elites hunting “deplorables.”

Below is the full video of Trump’s rant on supposed racism in Hollywood. The Hunt is scheduled to open in theaters September 27.

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