One of the lessons many people learned during the pandemic was how enjoyable it is to spend time in the natural beauty of Maine.  With the state's bars, nightclubs, theaters, bowling alleys, and amusement parks closed, many people began exploring Maine's great outdoors.  They went on walks and hikes, they hit Maine's beaches, and they went camping.

Unfortunately, not everyone has done these activities in a responsible manner.

According to WMTW, a popular Western Maine mountain has had to ban dispersed camping.

The Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands has made the decision to ban camping on Tumbedown Mountain.

Lately, campers on the mountain, located in West Central Franklin, have shown some incredibly disrespectful behavior.  Those campers have left a lot of litter behind, trampled vegetation, failed to clean up their pet's waste, and have even ignited some damaging fires.

It is important to note that the ban is on "dispersed camping".  In other words, camping that is not at an established campsite.  If you want to stay in the area, there are many nearby campgrounds where you can stay.

As a nearly lifelong resident of New England, I'd like to take a second to ask you, no matter where you're from, to be respectful of our wilderness.  Try your best to stay on the marked trails, carry out what you bring in, pick up after your pets, and be respectful of your surrounds.  And, if you are planning to do some real adventuring, even though you're not really an adventurer, take the necessary precautions.  Dress in layers, have a charged cellphone, have a first aid kit, bring extra snacks / water, and STAY ON THE MARKED TRAILS!

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