He is not here today.  But he has been here numerous times. On the weekends sometimes he will come in with me.

My dog likes to go anywhere. I need more of his ‘never ever have a bad day’ attitude to rub off on me.  He gets excited every time he revisits a place, so when we are turning into the parking lot, he gets all excited to be here.

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When he gets inside and realizes it is a pretty laid-back situation, he mostly just lies down and nods off.  And he doesn’t care that we’re in a closed room, and every time a song ends I talk about who knows what, and not directed towards him. He just stays where he is, seemingly without a curious bone in his body.  Humans come into a radio studio and think the process is kind of interesting.  He comes in and catches up on sleep.  Wonder if he ever wonders:

“Why is he talking to nobody about that, and then he goes silent for 3 minutes, and then he starts talking again and he is still the only person in the room. Oh well, wonder if he has any treats down in his office.  Maybe we will go there next”


Townsquare Media Bangor
Townsquare Media Bangor

When you adopt a rescue dog, based only on a photo and a brief description you are taking a risk. Yes, of course you bond with the dog for a few minutes before the volunteer that dropped him off leaves the two of you alone. But you really are taking a leap of faith that it is going to be a good match. And he is a great pleasure to be around each and every day.

So if you can, take your dog to work today. Maybe it will give you an excuse to slip out early for the weekend.

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