Jimmy Kimmel may be on a little break from hosting duties at Live!, but he has no intention of letting his most well-known prank fall by the wayside.

The late night host is taking some personal time off while his son gets set for heart surgery, so guest host Dave Grohl (dressed up as David Letterman) filled in for him on Tuesday's Halloween night Live! episodeGrohl had the very important task of reminding viewers to help out with Kimmel's now-classic annual prank, in which parents record themselves telling their kids they mistakenly ate all of the year's trick-or-treating candy.

It's been a highly-promoted bit (Shaquille O'Neal gave it a shout-out on Monday's episode) and one that generates millions of views, so you can expect fans to raise the candy-bar in 2017.

Grohl certainly enjoyed his time filling in for Kimmel and even managed to team up with guest Kristen Bell for an unusual, yet oddly compelling Frozen-Metallica mashup.

While Grohl rocked and got America's parents ready to fool their unsuspecting offspring, late night marched on elsewhere. Kelly Clarkson stopped by The Tonight Show to perform her song, "Whole Lotta Woman." It was the kind of dependable and soulful performance we've come to expect from the original American Idol winner.

The Tonight Show also enjoyed a viral moment, courtesy of Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown, who did a stunning rap recap of the show's first season.

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