Inevitable snowstorms in Maine will certainly trigger the dreaded parking bans, but if your car gets towed in Lewiston, where does it end up?

I came across a discussion online within a Facebook group I follow, Lewiston Rocks, tackling the exact question of where cars are taken after being towed during a storm.

Parking bans are common in Lewiston because of our snowfall, and the city must ensure our streets are clean.

First, let's talk about what a parking ban is.

It's a temporary restriction that asks you to remove your vehicles from specific streets for various reasons, like a snowstorm. Parking bans are controlled by the City of Lewiston's Public Works Department.

So how do you know when you have to move your car from the street? There are various ways to check on parking bans.

Lewiston's city website offers ways to be notified via call or text when a local ban is issued. To receive those alerts, head to this website. You can also visit their website; if there is a ban, they'll have it posted clearly there. 

After a parking ban is declared, and you don't move your car, where does it get towed to?

  • If you suspect your vehicle has been towed due to a Winter Parking Ban violation, memorize your license plate and the street where your car was parked.
  •  Reach out to the Lewiston/Auburn Emergency Communications System (LACS) at 207-784-6421. Give them the details, and they will help you to tell you whether your car has been towed.

When getting your car back from the various towing companies, make sure to plan for fees because, honey, it's gonna cost ya! It also states the preferred method of payment is cash, no checks. If you want to use a credit card, an extra fee will probably be incurred.

No matter which towing company the car was brought to, they have a base fee of $150, with an extra charge if there's more snow to remove during the towing process. If your car is there over 24 hours, owners can expect a fee ranging from $50 to $90.

This information is all courtesy of the City of Lewiston's website. 

A 2022 article from the Sun Journal reporting about parking bans included that the city of Lewiston does give you free parking at any of the municipal garages, which are all listed on this site. 

Having your vehicle towed is not a fun experience but after reviewing the website, the city has made it pretty simple to understand the steps to take to get your vehicle back home.

So whether you defied this parking ban or just forgot, getting your car back will cost you. Make sure to stay proactive and plan to move your car when a parking ban is declared in Lewiston, Maine.

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