UPDATE-4/19/18-According to a report in the Sun Journal, three teenagers have been arrested in connection with a large fight that broke out in the parking lot of Sapphire Night Club in Auburn on April 17.

The Sun Journal reported that the three teens were charged with disorderly conduct, but police would not release their names because they were underage.

Club owner Amanda Fitts said on Facebook that she will be meeting with police because of the fight, and also the club will no longer be hosting Chem-Free nights.

For more details on the incident, see the original story below.


An investigation is underway following a large fight which broke out last night (April 17) at Sapphire Night Club in Auburn. The fight occurred after a chem free teen night at the club, which was open to kids ages 12-17.

Lt. Barry Schmieks, watch commander for the Auburn Police Department, confirmed the incident is still under investigation, but was unable to provide any more details since it was a juvenile matter.

According to club owner Amanda Fitts, earlier in the night, she had confiscated what she described as a large knife from a young girl. Fitts said she originally put the knife in her pocket before giving it to security to put in the club's safe.

The night proceeded inside the club without incident, Fitts said. "Everybody was having fun," she said. When the club closed, Fitts said she was in the parking lot making sure the group of about 200 kids left safely when the girl came back and asked for her knife back. Fitts refused, telling her to return the next day with a parent to get the knife back. According to Fitts, the girl threatened her and then tried to reach into Fitts' pocket to retrieve the knife.

Fitts said as the girl was being restrained, the fight broke out. The videos of the fight, which show one of the club's security guards being attacked, have been posted on social media.

Fitts said the Auburn police were on the scene within minutes and when the officers showed up, the fight broke up as the group scattered.

Fitts said the security guard was injured in the melee and she was bitten in the arm and punched in the face. She added that club staff was not trying to escalate the situation. "We weren't there to fight," she said. "We were there to protect the other kids." Fitts said she is planning on pressing charges and all those who were involved in the fight will be banned from the property, adding that she wasn't sure if the club would hold another chem free night, and if it did, what form that event would take.

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