The Maine DHHS is warning Mainers that the department has received a report that someone is impersonating a DHHS Child Protective Services Caseworker. According to a release from the Department, the incident was an isolated one in Southern Maine.

The department gave the following advice to ensure that anyone visited by someone saying they are from DHHS is an authentic employee of the department:

It is important to remember that all DHHS employees are issued an identification card (ID) when they are hired and are instructed to keep their card on them during work hours. When out in the field, CPS staff are instructed to present their ID cards to families they are working with. Employees are not allowed to refuse to show their ID card when asked. These ID cards contain the following information:

  • The Maine DHHS logo;
  • A picture of the DHHS employee;
  • The name of the DHHS employee;
  • The title of the DHHS employee; and
  • A number to contact if the ID card is lost.

If you are visited by someone claiming to work for DHHS, you may always request to see their ID card. You may also contact the Department at 1-800-452-1999 to ensure their credentials are authentic.

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