I live close to work and just about EVERYTHING I need or want, so I don't drive much.  I don't have to. I did that by design. I don't buy a lot of gas. Really, $10 in gas can last me almost two weeks.

So, when I do have to get gas, I finally notice the prices are going up! Yesterday was one of those days. So, ya, gas prices are up in Maine!

USNews found that the average retail gasoline prices in the state have risen 4 cents in the past week, to an average of $2.69 per gallon. Lets just say I paid like $2.74. Ya, that was in Augusta.

GasBuddy says the national average gas price has risen 5.2 cents in the past week to $2.71. The national average has increased 17.7 cents per gallon in the last month and stands 30.1 cents per gallon higher than a year ago.

AND you know what I also noticed not to long ago.  Not all pumps have the order of the gas grades in an ascending order on the pumps.  Some start with the lowest grade...but I have found a few recently that start with the highest grade. Maybe that has been the way for a while.  After all, living my city life, I don't get out much when it comes to driving!

Peace out!

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