We definitely saw some wild weather Monday night into Tuesday morning.  Central Maine and the mid-coast region were battered by high winds and pouring rain.  This weather lead to power and internet outages in many places.

For a while last night I was certain that I was not hearing the wind howling.  I was sure that I was hearing a squadron of jets roaring overhead.  At one point, I even ran outside to see what was going on.  But, looking up, I did not see jets.  The wind really was roaring that loudly.

So, how high were the gusts in your town?

According to WMTW, some of the higher gusts included:

Augusta: 55 MPH

Bath: 45 MPH

Belfast: 52 MPH

Criehaven (Ragged Island): 63 MPH

Easport: 61 MPH

Georgetown: 45 MPH

Rockland: 47 MPH

Windsor: 54 MPH

York: 53 MPH

Feel free to share your pictures and videos of the storm with us.  Either send them to us through our app or by messaging us on Facebook.

TIPS: Here's how you can prepare for power outages

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