Washington DC Area Hit By Spring Snow
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Looks like we are getting some snow tonite and tomorrow! The latest forecast calls for 4-10 inches. That could mean a Snow Day off from school tomorrow for your kids. My kids have been doing this magical "100% guaranteed way to make a Snow Day" happen for years. Of course, we only have them do it when there's six or more inches in the forecast, but that's besides the point!  Have your kids try it and start a new fun family ritual!

Want a Snow Day off tomorrow? All you need are three items:

  • Pajamas -which you kids will need to wear inside out all night
  • An Ice Cube- to flush down the toilet. Yup. The toilet. 
  • A Spoon-which your kids will sleep with under your pillow tonite

If you do these three magical things, you can pretty much know that you'll have school off tomorrow.  One other thing. This will ONLY work if you get all your homework done.

Here's a wicked cute tutorial. Good Luck!




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