One of my favorite things to do after Thanksgiving is to eat leftovers and watch all the carnage and chaos from the Black Friday shoppers. It seems to get more intense every year and 2017 was no exception.

Tony's - 24/7 Eyes via YouTube
Tony's - 24/7 Eyes via YouTube

Just one day after Black Friday there were several videos posted to YouTube showing what people will do to save some money. The pushing and shoving, grabbing items right out of other people's hands, the swinging of fists and pulling of hair. What a magical time of year!

I'm sure these savages are normal law abiding citizens who are capable of functioning like human beings every other day of the year, but on Black Friday no one is safe.

Watch this video closely. Around the :50 mark you'll see when a fight broke out at The Maine Mall just outside of Amato's!


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