It's no secret that living in Maine isn't for everyone. Snow, sleet, warm days, freezing days. Winter here is tough for all of us. As someone who has never lived north of Kennebec County, sometimes I forget how good we really have it. After scrolling through Facebook recently, I can't help but wonder how our brothers and sisters to the north are dealing!

First, from Crown of Maine, these photos displaying GIANT piles of snow along Presque Isle Rd in Caribou. THE PILE IS BIGGER THAN THE TRACTOR!

Then I saw this photo, also from Crown of Maine, of a guy digging out his garage. At least, I think it's a garage? How is this even possible?!

And finally from Peter Russell of Houlton, snow on a roof that appears at least 3 to 4 feet taller than grown men. How long do you think that would take to clear off?

So, if you have a friend up there, just check on them. They might still be digging out from a storm two weeks ago. That, or maybe they're enjoying the extra insulation!

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