Buckle up ladies and gents. According to the latest report from Todd Gutner of News Center Maine, we're going to get not one, but two storms rolling through Maine in the next week as a send-off to winter.

Round one begins tomorrow, March 2nd hitting the Central Maine area by early afternoon and continuing until Sunday morning. Total accumulation around an inch reaching 3 or more inches along the coast. Temperatures will be lingering in the low 30's so mixing is likely resulting in potentially slick travel.

Sunday during the day will be the calm before the storm; sun, mid 30's for the high.

Roud two begins late Sunday night into Monday. This is the one to really watch out for and all signs are pointing towards Nor'easter potential. What to expect really depends on the track of the storm which is still being watched. If the weather pattern goes out more to sea, we may see more of a snow/rain mix versus being dumped on with just snow. Either way, conditions don't seem ideal so get your milk and bread after work today.

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