For many people, one of the biggest signs that the Summer of 2020 was going to be unlike any we had ever lived through was when Saco's Funtown Splashtown USA announced that they would not be opening for the 2020 season.

Fortunately, life is slowly returning to normal.  Last month, we learned that Funtown Splashtown USA would be open during the Summer of 2021.  However, there would be some changes to the way the park operated.  When the announcement was made, via a post on their Facebook page, they explained that they had submitted a plan to the state and they were waiting for approval of that plan.

It appear that plan as been approved.

According to News Center Maine, COVID-19 related restrictions will include requiring reservations at both parks, face coverings being required in most parts of the park, marks in queue lines (to ensure social distancing), and limited spaces on some rides (to ensure social distancing).  Also, there will be fewer lounge chairs in pool areas and increased space between picnic tables.

Details about the reservation procedure are expected to be announced soon.

Additionally, the park will have limited hours.

Funtown will open for the season on Saturday, May 29th.  Weather permitting, Splashtown will open for the season on Saturday, June 19th.

Check out the 2021 schedule / hours HERE

In the post announcing that the park would be open, they did say that, as the state rolled back their COVID-19 guidelines, the park would do the same.

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