Looking for a Great Outdoor Event for the Whole Family?

Look no further!  Mark your calendar for a day at the Coppal House Farm on Saturday, April 24.  You can take your family to visit their horses and other animals on the farm too. 

I love horses!  Can I pet them?

You can!  I spoke with Hannah from the farm and she said that the horses will be busy on the day of their event doing a plough demonstration, however, if you wanted to come visit on another day, you could pet their horses if they meet you by the fence when they are outside.

I've done this many times before as their farm is located on my way home at 118 North River Road in Lee.  I guess you could say I'm kind of in love with these massive horses.  Most of the time, they are super sweet, walk to the edge of the fence and let me pet their beautiful, massive heads.

What kind of horses does this farm have?

If you've never seen the horses at Coppal House Farm, they are not like the ones that you may see from time to time at other farms, on the side of the road grazing or on television.  They have Belgian Horses and they. are. HUGE!

What About Food?

If you get hungry during the event, you have a couple of options.  One, you can bring your lunch in and have a picnic right there at the farm  OR you can eat gelato for lunch.  Coppa Magica will be selling her gelato on the day of the event.

Does it Cost Anything?

Nope.  It's Free!  Free, free, free, free.... like that commercial.

The event will have all kinds of activities besides the horses.  They will have story time and a scavenger hunt too!  If you have further questions, email the farm at:  info@coppalhousefarm.com

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