This gives a whole new meaning to "Go BIG Or Go Home!"  Now I'm not sure if you are aware of this but Sunday, March 10th is National Ranch Day. Needless to say for Hidden Valley Ranch this is a very important day! So BIG in fact that they are throwing a party in Las Vegas

If you go be prepared to see the BIGGEST bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch ever... a  24-foot-tall, 25,000 oz bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch! The brand's biggest bottle will be available to take photos outside of the New York, New York Hotel & Casino.

The best part is the BYOC...."Bring Your Own Container", that's right. You can bring ANY container and have it filled with Hidden Valley Ranch. The motto of the day is "There's Nothing they won't fill with ranch, If you can carry it, Hidden Valley Ranch will fill it."

Bottles, fish tanks, bath tubs...get creative! And bring some back for me, please!!

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