A former Maine health official accused of binding her 5-year-old foster child in a high chair with duct tape and convicted of manslaughter in the child's death has been released from prison according to the Associated Press.

WCSH-TV reports ex-Department of Health and Human Services supervisor Sally Schofield left prison Tuesday.

Schofield was sentenced to 17 years in the 2001 death of Logan Marr, who suffocated in the overturned high chair in Schofield's basement in Chelsea. It was later learned the placement of Logan and her sister in Schofield's home violated state rules because of her Department of Health and Human Services employment according to the Associated Press.

Logan's mother calls Schofield a monster and says she shouldn't have been released.

Conditions of Schofield's probation prohibit her from contact with children except her own children and those of her relatives with supervision.

Schofield has denied intentionally harming Logan. (AP)

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