I love a wood fire, but I don't have a wood stove or fireplace in my current home.

How ever, I like as an extra in my life, not my primary heat source.  But is has always been plentiful and, from what I understand, affordable.  But now there is a supply and demand issue.

According to the Associated Press firewood suppliers across Maine say they can't keep up with the demand for dry wood that people use to heat their homes.

The Kennebec Journal reports thousands of Maine residents were caught off guard by a warm fall that caused firewood customers to delay getting in their winter supplies. I get that!

Then we had that last October storm that cut power to THOUSANDS Mainers and then a prolonged spell of frigid weather increased demand for fuel. Both of those things burned wood.

I read in some areas seasoned firewood is selling for about $280 a cord.

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