If you are going to trust anyone, the Farmers’ Almanac (with the orange and green cover) is the one to go with. This guide will give you info about the most common veggies in your garden; what they need for sun, water, soil, and harvesting.  Since it is the Farmers’ Almanac they will give you some yummy recipes as well. Check out the Farmers’ Almanac Growing Guide right here.

Of course, there are tomatoes and cucumbers.  But there is also information about peppers, corn, carrots, beans and peas, onions, lettuce and of course zucchini.

The Farmers’ Almanac also has a guild for ‘companion planting’.  That is planting certain plants together because they can help each other. Also, not planing certain plants together because they work against each other.

Never having been much of a gardener myself I find the subject fascinating. I read about gardening because I have yet to get the hang of it. My mother is a natural gardener.  I asked her a few years ago for some tips. This is what she said to me…’you just put it in the soil and it grows’…with this look of what are you talking about?  It got to the point at my house I could no longer even grow crabgrass! She also cannot understand why I can’t cook regular rice. (seriously…how do people do that? I can do instant rice but regular rice never works out for me) Some things are not genetic I assume. 

Enjoy your garden and if you have any extras after you start harvesting…I am right here…happy to accept fresh veggies.

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