A woman from California is looking for information about her daughter, who was found deceased in Waterville earlier this year.

According to a Maine Craigslist post and a story on kymkemp.com, Judy Schwartz says her daughter, Jennifer Lynn Dulin, passed away in Waterville on January 6th of 2021.  Apparently, she had severe bronchitis that put pressure on her heart, causing it to stop.  Making her passing even more tragic, she passed away on the floor of a stranger’s living room.

Dulin left her home in California because she was under the impression that she was going to be sent to prison for a misdemeanor offense.  That minor charge ended up being dismissed on February 7th of 2020.

She had been missing from California since January of 2020.

Her family knows she was in Ohio in early February of 2020 because her mother got a bill from a Columbus, Ohio hospital.

After arriving in the Waterville area, she spent at least a few nights staying with a man on College Avenue in Waterville.

As she was under the incorrect impression that she was wanted by police, there is a chance that Dulin could have been using a fake name.  She could have been going by her SAG name, Jen Dicelli, or by “Lee”.

Her family just wants answers.  Why did she choose to go to Maine?  How did she get to Maine?  What happened to her car (a black 2009 Honda CRV)?  What about her belongings?

If you have any information about her time in Maine, you can call the Arcata Police Department at 707.822.2424

Here's the Full List of Missing Persons Cases in Maine


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