A family that sleeps alike is a well dressed family! Are you the family that gets new matching pajamas for Christmas? Want to be?


Target has family pajamas not only for Christmas but for Halloween too! The best part, you can even get matching pajamas for the dog! Dog pajamas are just $10. I have to see if the extra large size will fit the Great Danes. I'm sure they'll fit Pebbles, the 7 month puppy, but I don't want Elmer and Wilma to miss out on the fun!

You can see all the Halloween selections here. There are ghosts, skeletons, Harry Potter, pumpkins and more

The Christmas choices are even more extensive! There are Elf, red striped, green striped,  blue tartan plaid flannel, car flannel, winter wonderland, dinosaur, feliz navidad, holly jolly holiday and much more!

If these are Dane friendly I'm ordering them!

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