According to the KJ, an EXTREMELY rare bird has been spotted in Augusta's Togus Pond.  The bird has spent the last week hanging out in the pond, fishing, and putting on shows for the pond's visitors.

Apparently, it is only the second Clark's Grebe to ever be spotted in Maine.  While the bird does migrate around the western United States, it is almost never seen east of the Mississippi River.

The bird was first identified by a resident on August 8th, but there is a chance that it could have been in the area much longer.

According to Wikipedia, the bird gets its name from John Henry Clark, a 19th century surveyor and naturalist.  The bird is known for its mating dance.  The entry goes on to say:

"Clark's grebe closely resembles the western grebe and occurs in the same colonies together with it. A distinguishing feature is its bill, which is bright yellow in the US, whereas the Western Grebe's bill is greenish-yellow in the US, which had been noted by others. Storer and Nuechterlein in 1992 claim that the bill is slightly upturned in this species whereas the western grebe has a straight bill, this was not noted in earlier studies."

Here's video of the birds in action:

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