Easter is just around the corner and is not only one of the most loved holidays of the year, it is one of the priciest. According to WalletHub Americans will spend $18.1 Billion on Easter this year, more than double what we'll spend on Halloween which is projected to be around 9 billion, but not nearly close to Christmas which will be near $400 Billion.

Here's how that money breaks down...

-Average money spent: $152

-$3.3 Billion will be spent on clothes

-$5.7 Billion will be spent on food

-$2.5 Billion will be spent on candy

-$2.9 Billion will be spent on gifts

Here are some fun facts about the day:

-66% of parents will make Easter baskets for their kids.

-92% of those baskets will contain chocolate or candy.

-91 million chocolate bunnies will be sold.

-We will eat 16 Billion jelly beans.

-81% of parents steal candy from their kids stash.

-52% of people prefer their chocolate eggs to have filling.

-32% want solid chocolate.

-16% like the hollow chocolate.

-Finally, we will eat 1.5 billion marshmallow peeps!

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