UPDATE (Saturday Jan 19th @ 2 PM)

Across the Northeast, over 100 million people are under some sort of winter weather alert.

The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning from 7 PM on Saturday (1/19) to 1 AM on Monday (1/21).

According to Weather.com, we could begin to see snow showers in Central Maine at about 7 PM.  The REAL snow won't kick in until sometime around midnight.

At the height of the storm, we could expect 1" to 2" of snowfall per hour.

The wind, mixed with the already cold temperatures, will cause sub-zero windchill factors.

According to WCSH 6, the high winds and heavy snowfall, could make travel on Sunday nearly impossible.

As the day progresses on Sunday, we could see the snow mix with sleet or freezing rain in some locations.

Augusta PD and Gardiner PD have both instituted city-wide parking bans.  In Augusta, it is from 9 PM Saturday night through Noon on Monday.  In Gardiner, from 7 AM Sunday through 7 AM Monday.

Please plan ahead and be safe.


UPDATE (Thursday Jan 17th @ 6 PM)

According to WCSH 6 Meteorologist Keith Carson, Central Maine could see 18" to 24" of snow from Winter Storm Harper.  This includes Augusta, Waterville, Lewiston / Auburn, and Bangor.  Along the coast, we'll see a mix of snow / sleet and totals of 10" to 18" of accumulation.


UPDATE (Thursday Jan 17th @ 8 AM)

WCSH 6 Meteorologist Todd Gutner is now saying between 10" and 20" of snow could fall on the state of Maine.  It will be mostly powder, but there could be some sleet or icing on the coastline.  Additionally, the temperatures will be COLD.  The high temperature could reach 11 degrees, but it will feel like -10 with the windchill.

According to the National Weather Service, we have a Winter Storm Watch in effect from Saturday at 7 PM to Sunday at 7 PM.

Original story follows


According to WCSH meteorologist Todd Gutner, we could be in for a "high impact" storm this weekend.

Actually, we'll be getting two storms this weekend.  The first will roll into our area on Friday morning and will drop between 1" and 5" depending on where you are.

And, on Saturday evening into Sunday morning, we'll be hit by a much bigger storm.

Gutner says conditions are right for us to have 24 hours of steady precipitation.  The type will vary from powder, to pellets, to glaze.  He also says that the incredible temperature variance, between 50 degrees F and -15 degrees F, makes this storm difficult to predict.  While it is impossible to predict snowfall totals at this time, Gutner says we could see double digit amounts across the state.

You may want to stop by the storm to get bread, milk, and Allen's...  errrr...  Fireball

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