Donald Trump recently spoke with CBS's John Dickerson to mark his 100th day as president, but when a series of questions hit an area he wasn't comfortable with, he abruptly ended the interview. This is not the first time he has pulled this move.

The New York Times compiled multiple instances where Trump cut an interview off right in the middle, with respected journalists like George Stephanopolous and with the perhaps-not-as-respected Ali G (Sacha Baron Cohen) among others, dating back many years.

The latest instance (which you can watch in full below) occurred as Dickerson, who moderates the Sunday political talk show Face the Nation for CBS, asked Trump about his accusation that President Obama had wiretapped him during the 2016 election campaign. This gripe has been widely refuted, even by FBI Director James Comey while under oath before Congress, but Trump stubbornly maintains that he was illegally spied on by his predecessor.

Trump stumbles through the topic -- which he himself brings up, not Dickerson, by saying, "You saw what happened with surveillance" -- clearly uncomfortable discussing what is almost certainly a full-on lie. Dickerson presses him, asking if he stands by his claim, to which Trump, somewhat incredibly, replies, "I don't stand by anything." He then mutters, "You can take it the way you want," before garbling a bunch of word salad ("I think that is a very big surveillance" -- what?) that Dickerson patiently endures before trying again to get the president to support his own statement.

Of course, Trump can't do that because it's completely made up, so rather than answer a question about a topic that, again, he brought up in the first place, about an assertion he made entirely on his own, he just says, "Okay, that's enough," and walks away, like a spoiled kid who's bitter that he's not being treated like bestest little boy in the world.

It's a tactic he's honed for years, and now he's doing it in the Oval Office.

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