When I first saw this, I had to take a look at the calendar to make sure that it was not April 1st...  It's not.  This is real.

According to News Center Maine, a bill called the Sunshine Protection Act passed the United States' Senate on Tuesday.  Next, it will go up for debate in the House.  If it passes there, it will end up on President Biden's desk.

If it goes into law, it would make daylight saving time permanent in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and the rest of the country.

If you are like me, and get daylight saving time and standard time confused, standard time is what we are in right now.  We enter daylight saving time when we "spring ahead".  We go into standard time when we "fall back".

What would that look like?  It means that on December 21st, instead of the sun coming up at 7:12 AM, it would come up at 8:12 AM.  On the plus side, that means that the sun would not go down until 5 PM.

So, daylight saving time could make it a lot more difficult to get your kids motivated in the morning.  On the other hand, though, there's less of a chance of you having the winter afternoon lag when the sun goes down.

Lucian Dachman / Unsplash
Lucian Dachman / Unsplash

Why the reason for the change?

Many doctors argue that time change causes real health concerns.  Not only does it mess with your circadian rhythm, causing you to become tired to early or stay up too late, it can cause heart issues.  Also, because of the change in sleep, it has, in the past, led to a higher number of traffic accidents immediately following the change.

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If it does get passed into law, it would not take effect until 2023.

What is your opinion?  Are you for ending time change or not?  Tell us what you think by sending us a message through our app or on Facebook.

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