George Zimmerman -- yes the same Florida neighborhood watchman acquitted in the Trayvon Martin murder trial -- was pulled over for speeding on a highway near Dallas, Texas.

The Texas officer who pulled Zimmerman over on US Route 80 let him go with a warning, but is now being questioned for possibly taking a picture of Zimmerman's license during the stop.

Zimmerman told the officer that he was carrying a legal firearm in his glove compartment and when asked said that he was heading "nowhere in particular." The officer asked him why he responded that way and Zimmerman asked, "You didn't see my name?" The officer said, "Nuh-huh...what a coincidence."

Zimmerman was told to "calm down" and, of course, slow down.

Law enforcement authorities in Texas say that the officer is not under investigation, but they want to make certain that proper protocol was followed during the stop.

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