The new Nancy Drew series premieres on the CW network tomorrow (October 9th) night.

According to CBR, the latest version of the Nancy Drew story is set in the fictional Maine town of Horseshoe Bay.  In this version of the story, Nancy spent her teen years solving local mysteries, but decided to take a break from mystery solving when her mother passes away.  While she waits for her opportunity to re-apply to college, she gets finds herself the prime suspect in the murder of a socialite.

While it is set on the coast of Maine, the show is actually shot in Vancouver, British Columbia.  We can only hope that, someday, Maine will not only be the setting for a bunch of shows, but also where they film them.

This is the 3rd Nancy Drew TV series.  The first was a Nancy Drew / Hardy Boys crossover back in the mid-70s and the second was a Canadian - American series in the mid-90s.

The Nancy Drew books have been around much longer, though.  According to Wikipedia, the first Nancy Drew novel, The Secret Of The Old Clock, was published in 1930.  The most recent, the 175th book, was published in 2003.


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