Aerosmith once pointed out that falling in love is hard on the knees. But for one unlucky construction worker, a job at frontman Steven Tyler's home recently turned out to be hard on a whole bunch of different body parts.

CBS News reports that the unidentified man, who was doing work on a house Tyler owns in the Mount Olympus area of Los Angeles, fell "roughly 15 feet" from some scaffolding; according to fire department spokesman Brian Humphrey, the tumble resulted in serious injuries, with the worker quickly airlifted away from the site and taken to a local hospital.

According to TMZ, "large-scale" construction at the house -- which, at 4-5 stories, is actually more of a mansion -- has been going on for several months, and although Tyler wasn't present at the time of the accident, he reportedly "regularly checks up on its progress."

As a TMZ commenter pointed out, California has strict OSHA regulations regarding scaffolding at construction sites, including mandated guardrails and harnesses -- all of which is to say that under safely regulated conditions, something like this shouldn't have happened, and it seems likely that someone's insurance premiums are about to see a sizable increase. In the meantime, our thoughts are definitely with the injured worker.

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