In July, we were hearing that Waterville Mayor Jay Coelho had been dealing with some significant health issues.  In fact, he had been hospitalized with heart problems.  At that time, he said that he was considering stepping down as the mayor of the city - a post he had held for less than a year.

According to the KJ, he is now saying that he has spent the last few weeks doing cardio rehab and that he is doing much better.

Because of his improvements, the 43 year old is now saying that he is planning to continue to serve as the mayor, a role he was elected to back in November.

In Waterville, the role of mayor is largely ceremonial, but the position does have a few duties including president over city council meetings and making tie-breaking votes of council actions.

Coelho says he has a few city initiatives in the works, including using federal aid money to give city workers who worked during the pandemic a $1,000 bonus.  As the city has about 110 employees, this would cost about $110,000.  In his plan, the money would come from the $1.6 million that the city is getting as part of the American Rescue Plan.

Coelho owns the electronics repair business You Broke It? and a local bakery.

We are happy to see him on the mend and wish him continued success.

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