We kind of knew this one was coming didn't we? It seems like this has been going on and on forever and a day. Whenever I see someone talking about CMP it's usually NOT in a good light. We've heard in the past year, maybe more, about people seeing huge jumps in their monthly electric bills, but reportedly having no increased usage. Remember that story of the man who got the CMP bill for a property that hadn't had power connected to it in years?

CMP, from what we can tell, has tried to stay on top of this, mostly by telling people that there's virtually no way their billing system could be messed up. The customers aren't having it. In an attempt to gather all the Mainers who have had issues with the electric giant, a Facebook page 'CMP Ratepayers Unite' was created. I'm even part of that page- no idea how though. Someone must have added me to it thinking I would write a story about all this for the station websites....Oh, right.

Yesterday the Maine PUC (Public Utilities Commission) ordered a full investigation into the metering and billing systems of Central Maine Power. All of the complaints that the customers themselves have filed will all be balled into it's own separate investigation.

We'll keep you updated with any and all results we hear about in relation to the multiple investigations going on. But remember, even with all this going on, when you flip a switch, CMP is still there. Unless you didn't pay that staggering light bill- then maybe they're not there and you're just standing alone in your dark dining room in your undies.

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