Ok, so this is amazing.

One of the really cool things about lots of data being available online is what happens when people like the reporters at the Portland Press Herald get their hands on it and make funky interactive maps to see it all laid out.

That's exactly what Christian Milneil and Julia McCue, two staff writers at the Press Herald, did when they put this interactive moose crash map together from data from the Maine Department of Transportation.

The map shows all 251 motor vehicle crashes involving a moose from September 2017 through the end of August, and they're probably exactly where you think they would be. There are relatively few in southern Maine, with a majority of crashes happening on the northernmost stretch of I-95 north of Bangor, as well as a concentration of crashes in western Maine near the Rangeley lakes area.

The map also shows moose crashes by time of year, with definite spikes at different points during the mating season and fall hunting seasons. But perhaps the most interesting statistic is the graph of collisions by time of day, showing just what you might expect, a dangerous uptick of moose-related crashes happening in the late evenings.

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