Last week, Greene resident, Ryan Boucher went moose hunting, according to WGME Channel 13. 

This started out as a pretty normal hunt, but then changed after Ryan bagged his first moose in Andover. As the article states, Ryan shot his first moose and he and his hunting party were extremely excited.

However, when they brought the animal to have it harvested, they noticed something extremely bizarre.

Ryan brought the moose to Sabattus Deer Processing to have it butchered and when Greg Provost started to remove the hide he noticed a color discoloration.

The entire inside of the moose was yellow!

Ryan Boucher
Ryan Boucher


Ryan said,

It was yellow all the way through, from head to toe. It was the weirdest thing.

Lee Kantar from the ,said he had only seen this twice ever and,

An extremely rare condition, given the thousands of moose harvested, skinned and butchered over the course of that time, The jaundiced condition of the moose is typically caused by either a breakdown of red blood cells and infusion of bilirubin throughout the animal as seen in the photo, or acute liver failure.

Suffice it to say, he could not eat the moose. A moose like that cannot be processed.

But Ryan was able to tell me that they did get to enjoy moose meat.

I didn’t eat the meat from that moose, the wardens gave me meat from another moose which was from a double kill

Ryan Boucher

So, in the end it seemed like it was one heck of a first moose hunting trip!

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