It can't be easy keeping track of where you are when you're on tour — it's just one city after the next, with endless highways and hotel rooms in between. Rock stars generally do a decent job of knowing which city they're talking to when they're up on stage, but mix-ups do happen — just ask Bruce Springsteen, who confused Cleveland and Pittsburgh during last night's stop on his River Tour.

Springsteen's geographic gaffe, captured in the fan-shot footage above, took place at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland — something that evidently eluded the Boss when he tried to pump up the crowd by calling out "Party noises, Pittsburgh!" Quickly recovering from his mistake, he added, "And Cleveland, too."

In-house Ultimate Classic Rock Springsteen expert Dave Lifton has speculated that it's possible the confusion may have arisen because Joe Grushecky, who often sits in with Springsteen and the band during Pittsburgh stops, was present (and joined in during "Born to Run") for the show. Either way, the mistake was definitely noticed by members of the audience.

Of course, after being on the road all these years, Springsteen's no stranger to goofing up in front of packed houses — he shouted out the wrong location during a show in 2009, saying "Hello, Ohio!" to a crowd at the Auburn Hills Palace in Michigan. He joked that it was "every frontman's nightmare" during that show, but still delivered a typically epic set — and he recovered in Cleveland last night, leading fans through a 34-song set that included the tour debuts of "Growin' Up" and "Youngstown."

The River Tour picks up again tomorrow in Buffalo, where Springsteen will presumably take extra care to be aware of his surroundings.

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