At a legendary concert at the Main Point in Bryn Mawr, Penn., on Feb. 5, 1975, Bruce Springsteen covered Chuck Berry's 'Back in the U.S.A.,' emphasizing the original rock poet's line about being "where them hamburgers sizzle on an open grill night and day." Nearly 40 years later, Springsteen went into greater detail about the classic American food with a fan.

Hannah, a British woman who runs the Burgers and Bruce blog, where, true to its name, she reviews the burgers she eats and chronicles her adventures seeing Springsteen perform around Europe. She had often written that if she ever met him, she would want to discuss burgers with him. As fate would have it, Hannah discovered last weekend that she was staying at the same Belfast hotel as him, and, after pictures were taken, got the opportunity to ask the all-American rocker if he likes burgers.

His response: "Pfff, what do you think?"

Later that night, she saw him again. Using the nickname "Burger Girl," he called her over and went into greater detail about his preference for burgers. "A burger in 1950s America," he began. "It's nothing like what you get now. A thin little patty, squirted with ketchup, and that's the only type of burger there was. So I still have a fondness for a good diner burger ... There's an art to it, but it's mostly lost. There's only a few places that sell a really good diner burger."

However, the famously fit rocker admits that he doesn't get to indulge as often these days. "I used to eat a lot more burgers you know, when I was younger," he adds. "But my shirt, it was getting tight!"

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