Forget about whether Barack Obama saw a bounce in the polls after the Democratic National Convention last week -- the biggest beneficiary appears to be Bruce Springsteen, whose 'Wrecking Ball' single 'We Take Care of Our Own' saw a massive sales increase after it was played at the end of Obama's speech last Thursday (Sept. 6).

'We Take Care of Our Own' ended the week with 2,000 downloads sold, a jump of more than 400 percent, and marking its best sales week since March. 'Wrecking Ball' also shot up the charts, rising from No. 199 to No. 112, thanks to a sales increase of 37 percent over the previous week.

'Wrecking Ball' has topped the charts in 16 countries since its release in March, selling more than 300,000 copies in its first month of release and achieving gold or platinum sales certifications in nine countries. Despite its status as the leadoff single from a hotly anticipated record, 'We Take Care of Our Own' wasn't a huge chart success, failing to break the Billboard Hot 100 and making it no higher than No. 43 on the Rock Songs tally -- but now that it's been tacitly endorsed as a campaign anthem, perhaps it'll find a second life on the charts.