Earlier this month, it was announced that Def Leppard would be joining Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp in Las Vegas from April 4 through 7. Just yesterday, two other music heavyweights have been confirmed for the April 18 through 21 edition of the camp: Brian Wilson and Jeff Beck.

Although Wilson and Beck hail from different ends of the musical spectrum, their individual histories are certainly nothing to sneeze at. Brian Wilson is considered to be "one of the greatest living songwriters of the 20th century". As the songwriter behind Beach Boys classics such as 'Wouldn't It Be Nice' and 'Surfin' U.S.A.', Wilson will be joined at the camp by his longtime band mates including musical director and guitarist Jeffrey Foskett, band members Darian Sahanaja on keyboards, Probyn Gregory on bass, and Scott Bennett on drums.

Jeff Beck has earned a well-deserved reputation for his amazing guitar work. From his earliest work with The Yardbirds through a successful string of solo albums and work with the Jeff Beck Group, this eight-time Grammy Award winner's latest record, '...Honoring Les Paul' was released in 2011.

Previous installments of Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp have hosted a who's who in the world of rock n roll including Gene Simmons (KISS), Bret Michaels (Poison) and Jack Bruce (Cream).

If you've dreamed of learning a musical thing or two from some of your musical heroes, you can sign up to participate in Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp by calling 1-888-762-2263 or visiting their website.

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