Let’s be real; Boondock Saints fans were never so enamored of the sequel, and recent reports of a fan-funded prequel series raised more eyebrows than capital. Writer-director Troy Duffy at least hoped a TV series could pave the way for stars Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery to complete a film trilogy, but the real-life MacManus brothers now step up to distance themselves from the property.

It wasn’t long after Duffy launched the “BoondocksBack” campaign that an FAQ on the website acknowledged neither Reedus nor Flanery were necessarily involved in either an Origins TV series, or a potential third film. Previously, the pair had been eyed to at least executive produce, though both actors now take to Twitter to spell out “they have no connection whatsoever”:

Granted, the shade thrown by Flanery and Reedus (who retweeted the post) wouldn’t necessarily prevent The Boondock Saints: Origins series, which still accepts fan donations ranging from tens to hundreds of dollars. That project is still eyed for a March 2018 premiere, with Duffy claiming a third film contingent on the series.

It’s possible the Boondock Saints manage to smooth things over down the line, but is it time for the franchise to say its prayers? Watch the announcement video and original film trailer for yourself below.

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