According to a press release from Chief Jared Mills,  Bureau Chief Sergeant Christian Behr, who joined the department in April of 1995, will be retiring in the next 24 hours.

The press release, in part, reads:

 Through the years he has risen through the ranks as a Patrol Officer, Training Officer, Patrol Sergeant, Training Officer Supervisor and his final rank of Staff Sergeant supervising the Information Services Bureau at the Augusta Police Department. Throughout his career, Bureau Chief Behr has been the quintessential professional who is always looking at ways our profession “can do it better”.  He has been teaching classes on his off time for a local company that provides training for law enforcement and workplace safety in the State of Maine.

It goes on to say that Behr has taken the department's social media presence to the next level.

In addition to his work with the Augusta Police Department, he was also a member of the Maine Army National Guard.

In the press release, Mills also explains that several attempts have been made to recognize the dedications and contributions Behr has made to the department and the city of Augusta.  Unfortunately, these events (which have included city council meetings and events at the Black And Tan) have been cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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