40 year old Garrett Cameron was arrested on Saturday for allegedly assaulting officers after they had arrested his girlfriend, 35 year old Bonny Sue Gilmore on a charge of violating a protective order that a neighbor had against Gilmore.


Officers had originally responded to a 'loud party' at the apartment the two share at 17 Melville Street. Officers say they are familiar with the property as they've had other calls about noise from the same location.

Officer Jesse Brann's affidavit stated that Camren was being disorderly while officers were in the process of taking Gilmore into custody. Brann goes on to explain that Camren was following him up the stairs and shouting. Brann's knee allegedly hit Camren's knee by accident. After that, Camren got into Brann's face. After Camren touched officer Brann, he was told he was being placed under arrest. As officers reached for his arms he began resisting and 'throwing elbows' resulting in officers receiving abrasions on the their foreheads.

Carmen and Gilmore were both transported to the Kennebec County Jail where they are being held on $1,500 bail and no bail. Both made appearances in court yesterday.


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