It all started with the magical spinning Ice Disk!

CBS News correspondent David Begnaud was dispatched from New York City all the way up here to Maine last week, to bear witness to the magical spinning ice formation that absolutely captivated people across the world.

While he was here, he got a great tip: stop by and see the recently-rescued dogs from hurricane zones that have been re-homed in the Northeast.

Begnaud stopped for a visit at our very own Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland, to see how these furry friends were liking winter in Maine!

In a post on Facebook that was shared by the Animal Refuge League, David said:

"The effort to rescue stray dogs in Puerto Rico has a connection to Maine. 6 dogs arrived today at the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland after being flown from PR to Boston and then transported to the shelter in Westbrook. We saw the dogs and got the backstory of the good work that’s being done in conjunction with the All Sato Rescue. By the way, the dogs are available for adoption (after they finish their 48hr quarantine)"

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